Delegation led by Mayor of Gumi City visited Changsha University

Author:CCSU time:September 20, 2018 clicks: source:International Cooperation Exchange office

In the morning of September 13, a delegation led by Mr. Jang Seyong, Mayor of Gumi City, Republic of Korea, visited Changsha University. A welcome ceremony presided over by Mr. Wei Chenglong, Party Secretary of Changsha University, was convened in the lecture hall with the attendance of Mr. Liu Mingli, Deputy Mayor of Changsha City, and Mr. Yang Xiaoyun, President of Changsha University.

On behalf of Changsha University, Mr. Wei Chenglong first delivered a welcome speech and celebrated the significant achievements in the cooperation and exchange between China andtheRepublic of Korea over the years.He also said thatChangsha University, as a school directly subordinate to Changsha Municipal Government, has witnessed and contributed its part to the ever-growing ties between Changsha and Gumi ever since they established sister relationship in 1998.

Mr. Jang Seyong first concluded the development of Gumi in the light of world economic development. Later, he gave a speech entitled “The Fourth Industrial Revolution and The Future of Gumiasan Industrial City”,in which he analyzed Gumi’s direction of developmentin the context of industrial revolution, and proposed an open and innovative partnership between Changsha and Gumi.

Mr. Yang Xiaoyun awarded Mr. Jang Seyong Honorary Professor of Changsha University andthenexchangedgifts. After the ceremony, the delegation from Gumi toured around the campus with leaders of ChangshaUniversity and other attendees.

This year marks the 20thanniversary of sister relationship between Changsha and Gumi.Ever since Changsha University signed an agreement of friendly exchange with Gumi 1 College in 2004, the two universities havealsobeenvigorouslyengaged in constant exchange and mutual visits.