A Delegation Led by Vice President Wang Yonghong Visited Universities in Taiwan

Author:ZhuLei time:November 21, 2017 clicks: source:International Cooperation Exchange office

On invitation by Yuanpei University of Medical Technology and Yishou University, Vice president, Wang Yonghong and Director of Party and Government Affairs Office, Zhu Lei, visited these two universities from November, 7 to November, 14, 2017.

Vice President Wang Yonghong first visited the Yuanpei University of Medical Technology in Hsinchu and attended the 53rd anniversary celebration of the university and the "Cross-Strait Technical and Vocational Education Forum" hosted by the university. President Lin Zhicheng and Vice President Wang Qizhen, who is in charge of the International and Cross-Strait affairs, warmly received the delegation. On the forum of "Cross-Strait Technical and Vocational Education Forum - Practice and Characteristic Development of College Social Responsibility", Vice President Wang Yonghong gave a keynote speech titled "Practical Exploration of Local Universities Assuming the Social Responsibility" with vivid case analysis on the path of practice that Changsha University took to shoulder the social responsibility, and this speech had been highlightened by the head of universities of Taiwan.

Vice President Wang Yonghong arrived at the Yishou University in Kaohsiung on the 12th. Li Liangjian, Vice President of of Yishou University, warmly welcomed the Vice President Wang Yonghong and his entourage.

This visit has broadened the cooperation between Changsha University and universities in Taiwan and provided a good platform for the cross-Strait exchange of teachers and students, further enhancing the visibility and influence of our school in Taiwan.

Vice President Wang Yonghong delivered gift to Li Liangjian, Vice president of Yishou University

Vice President Wang Yonghong attended he 53rd anniversary celebration of Yuanpei University of Medical Technology