President Yang Xiaoyun met the Government Delegation of Kansas City, USA

Author:Yangzhuoer time:September 29, 2017 clicks: source:International Cooperation Exchange office

A government delegation led by Mr. Scott Wagner, the Deputy mayor of Kansas, Missouri, USA, visited Changsha University with the company of Xiao Yali, the staff of Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Changsha Municipal People’s Government.

President Yang Xiaoyun and Vice President Liu Shichang warmly hosted the delegation. First, President Yang Xiaoyun delivered a welcome speech. He said, as sister cities, Kansas City and Changsha have shared many similarities in fields as geographical relationship, transportation, and economic development. Changsha University hoped to carry out substantive cooperation with UMKC, known as the public ivy school, in talents cultivation, teacher training, student internship, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Scott Wager thanked for the warm reception by Changsha University, and gave a brief introduction of Kansas City. He said, as the important city in central America, Kansas City has unique advantages in transportation, logistics, agriculture, animal husbandry and other. Meanwhile, high rate of employment and low level of consumption also attract numbers of international talents. Scott welcomed teachers and students from Changsha university to Kansas City for tourism, study, entrepreneurship and work.

In the following, Williams J Benjamin, Vice director of Business Incubator Center, and the leader of international project Huan Ding introduced the "3+1+1" exchange project. Students can study in Changsha university for 3 years and in UMKC for one year. After graduation, students will get a diploma from Changsha University and continue to attend the postgraduate program in UMKC. UMKC also expressed their hope to establish cooperative relationship in fields of teacher training, students exchange and students entrepreneurship.