Admission requirements and application procedures

Author:CCSU time:January 9, 2018 clicks: source:International Cooperation Exchange office

1. The Chinese language requirements for degree students:

For liberal arts, economic, trade and managerial studies, the score for the HSK(Chinese Proficiency Test) should be grade 6 or above, for science and technology studies, Grade 3 or above.

2. Non-degree students

College students who have finished 2 years’ study and want to take relevant courses in China, should be aged 55 or under.

Application Time and Tuition

The university practices a double-semester system. The first academic semester for undergraduate students begins in September and continues through the end of January. The duration of the spring semester if from the beginning of the March to the middle of July.

Short-term study: Application time—two months before registration.

Long-term study: Application time for spring semester is from September to December. Application time for fall semester is from March to June.

Tuition and Fees(¥ RMB)

1. One academic year

Tuition: ¥16,000.00

Registration Fee: ¥240.00

Textbooks: ¥800.00

2.Foreign Student Insurance(including Accident Insurance, Hospital Medical Insurance, and Death Insurance): ¥1,600.00/Year

3.Accomodation Fee (Electricity, water, gas, and telephone services are not included.)


¥1,000.00 should be paid as deposit when student moves in apartment.

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