Welcome to CCSU!

  • Changsha University, located at the Hongshan Ancient Temple in the Kaifu district of Changsha, enjoys a favorable geographical location and convenient access to all destinations. Endowed with charming natural landscapes, it has become an ideal choice for academic study and research.

  • The University consists of 15 departments, 43 undergraduate majors. At present, Changsha University runs 1 educational ministry off-campus practical education base, 1educational ministry characteristic specialty, 1 national excellent on-line course, 8 provincial characteristic specialties and provincial comprehensive reformation professional pilot projects, 26 provincial practice learning reformation projects, including provincial practice learning demonstrating center, provincial school-enterprise cooperation talent cultivation demonstrating bases. 7 provincial excellent courses, 2 provincial excellent teaching teams. Up to now, the university has 4 provincial key construction disciplines of the “Twelfth Five Year Plan”, 1 provincial key laboratory, 1 provincial college key laboratory, 1 college “2011 synergy and innovation center”, 2 provincial research bases, 3 provincial innovational centers, 1 provincial industry-study-research cooperation demonstrating base, 1 municipal culture research base, and university research institutes, has shaped for its strategic development.

  • Changsha University encourages teaching reformation and scientific research. Since 2010, Changsha University has accomplished 1170 scientific research projects funded by enterprises with total amount of RMB 59,120,000. The university achieved more than 163 scientific research awards, including 8 Hunan Provincial Government Technology Awards, 4 Hunan Province Philosophy & Social Science Excellent Achievement Prizes, won 77 national invention patents, and 219 utility model patents.

  • Changsha University adheres to open education and lays great emphasis on international cooperation and academic exchanges. Till now cooperation has been established with more than 30 universities and institutions, as Auburn University, Hiroshima University in Japan, Victoria University in Australia. Changsha University has a comprehensive strategic cooperation with Hunan University, and extends Industry-university-research cooperation with national parks, including Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone, Changsha high-tec Industrial Development Zone, Liuyang Biomedicine Industrialization.

  • Changsha University will seize the historical opportunity to improve the ability to serve the local economy, and strive to build a local undergraduate university with distinctive characteristics.